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A week of football (1-7 June)

Check out the best football actions of the week from 1 to 7 June 2018 on mycujoo selected for you !

As Blainville scored against Oakville Blue Devils

Great goals

What a strike ! In this Pepsi Thimphu League game, Jigme Tshering of High Quality United FC took his chance from 30 meters following a corner, and the result is a thunder strike straight into the nets of Transport United FC.

But if you like goals which are scored in a slightly more subtle way, check this one out, in the Under-17 Liga in Denmark. Emil Sieverts Sand, from FC Midtjylland, managed a superb reverse back heel shot at the front post against Silkeborg IF.

Great saves

Saves on headers are very difficult as they are generally from close range. Something which does not seem to bother Gideao, the keeper of Altos, in Brasileiro Serie D. Not only does he manage a brilliant save against Nacional, but he blocks the ball, not allowing a second chance to the strikers. Impressive!

On another style of header, the goalie of Padania Marco Murriero saved his team in a great way too against Northern Cyprus in the CONIFA World Football Cup. On this loose ball at the far post, he seemed to be late but could finally punch the ball away to deny Halil Turan, and keep the score at 0-0.


Not all goals are beautiful, that’s a fact. The finish of this one is actually not bad at all, but the build-up was, let’s say, pretty lucky. The poor defender of Home United tries his best to clear the ball as far as possible on a free-kick but his shot hits Adam Haqueem for the Young Lions in the face and the ball finishes in the net! Haqueem, who visibly is not very used to scoring, cannot believe his eyes !

In this other case, we have to praise the so-called creativity of Silkeborg IF striker in the U-17 Liga. Frederik Carstensen manages a lovely lob on the keeper, but the ball is not properly centered… No worries, the young forward manages what could be considered as a one-two with the post to finally score...

And the wood seems to have been in a helping mood this week. At the CONIFA World Football Cup, a back-pass resulted in a misunderstanding between the defender and the goalkeeper of Western Armenia. The ball rolls slowly and finally hit the post, and the Szekely Land forward just has to push the ball inside… Very cruel !


After the goal scored by AS Blainville at the very end of their first leg against Oakville Blue Devils to give them a crucial win (2-1) in the Canadian championship, the home crowd went ballistic, ready to invade the pitch! Even the commentators were surprised by the intensity of the reaction… Beautiful !

The game to watch

This Saturday, another World Cup is coming to an end: the CONIFA World Football Cup, which is featuring non FIFA affiliated teams. The final will see Northern Cyprus, who beat Padania 3-2 in a thrilling semi-final, opposed to Karpatalya after their victory against Székely Land (4-2). A 100% European final for which the result is very hard to predict. The Hungarian diaspora of Ukraine and the Cypriots have already played against each other in the first round and the result was a 1-1 draw. This promises quite some suspense for the final happening this Saturday in London at 6pm…