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Rock In Rio Lisboa goes to mycujoo… or vice versa?

The Rock in Rio festival in Lisbon will be live streamed on mycujoo for the secondary stage, and so will be a football game between the artists and members of the festival.

Rock in Rio Lisbon

Music feeds sports and football in particular - we football players have always turned to sounds to pump ourselves up for the big games, or to wind down after a hard battle on the green field. How many of the elite players seem to have their headphones screwed solidly on their heads whenever they are not playing? And we at mycujoo offer our community our own spotify playlists which we make representative of all the different places where games are being played.

This time, football tries to give back to music. We just partnered with our friends from Rock in Rio Lisboa to help them out with the live streaming of their Lisbon festival - for their secondary stages and other crowd areas. Need to be streaming easily? Well, allow us to say that this is exactly what we do - for football, usually. But we’re adaptable, and we took our phones to the Parque da Bela Vista in Lisbon, right next to our office there, and started streaming some of the secondary stages of the festival as well as a few crowd areas to showcase the atmosphere.

As we do for our football, the main stage is already covered, but we make sure every artist, with a guitar or with a football, can be experienced fully!

And because we can’t help it, we’re going to make sure there is some football involved… by live streaming a football game between the artists and members of the festival!