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The game you might have missed : Palm Beach Spartans FC and Hurricane FC

If you have missed the opportunity to watch the UPSL game between Palm Beach Spartans FC and Hurricane FC on 13 April, you will have a second chance now, and we will give you all the details you need !

Palm Beach Spartans managed an epic come back against Hurricane FC in the UPSL

Fabrice Deschamps
From Amsterdam

The game

Big game last week-end in the Southeast Conference, Palm Beach Division of the UPSL between Palm Beach Spartans FC and Hurricane FC. The Spartans had a great start of this Spring season, so did the Hurricane, so it was a meeting between the 2nd and the 4th of the group.

Strangely enough though, despite playing home, Palm Beach struggled to get into their game. Too slow, lacking of energy, they let the guests set the tempo. And it is quite logically that Hurricane FC opened the score first by Taylor Brummit (0-1, 22’).

A goal which had the merit to wake up the locals, who seem to finally put the second gear and created several chances, but lacked of efficiency to convert them into goals. Legenchy even had an open goal opportunity but missed the target (24’).

However, at the break Hurricane FC was still in front. After a few minutes in the second half, the Spartans got a penalty for a massive foul in the box. Unfortunately for them, the penalty shot by Markenley Dudreil was denied by the Hurricane goalie (53’).

A huge hit on the Palm Beach player’s heads, soon followed by a second one : at the end of a superb combination at the edge of the box, the guests scored their second on an unstoppable header, again by Taylor Brummit (0-2, 63’).

For everybody, including the hosts, it seemed like the game was pretty much over. But with the time passing by, Palm Beach showed more and more threatening. And finally reduced the score thanks to Casimir Raoul (1-2, 80’). The start of seven crazy minutes.

Casimir Raoul scored a brilliant goal following an amazing solo run to even the score (2-2, 85’) and pushed by the adrenaline, the Spartans finally managed to win the game with a last goal of Ronaldo Voltaire, in what became a very hot atmosphere (3-2, 87’).

The goal

The locals are 1-2 down and there is only five minutes to go. Hurricane FC starts panicking a bit and loses the ball in the middle of the park. Ronaldo Voltaire (can you honestly have a more contradictory name ever?) keeps his cool, gives the ball on the left side, Casimir Raoul gets some speed, dribble-passes a defender, puts the goalie on his butt and scores in the open nets. Madness on the pitch, miraculously, the hosts are back!

The Words

"This game was emblematic of what it means to be a Soldier in the Palm Beach Spartans Army. The players never give up, they "Never Surrender" like it says on our chest. Their shear will and determination to succeed at all cost in spite of all the cards in the deck stacked against them, should inspire us all as it is indicative of the reality they live in each day"
Cheddi Johnson, Palm Beach Spartans Head Coach

The outcome

A big win for the Spartans, who consolidated their second place in the Division, with the same amount of points that PSL United SC (12), the current leaders. Hurricane FC is still in fourth place with six points but with two games in hands. The season is still long...

Photo courtesy of Palm Beach Spartans FC