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Never celebrate too soon...

At the very end of the game between La Chauds de Fonds and FC Zurich II in the Switzerland promotion league on 21 April 2018, Lavdrim Rexhepi scored an incredible goal on the kick-off after his team had just conceded a goal.

Lavdrim Rexhepi FC Zurich La Chaux de Fonds

Football is made of incredible stories, on and off the pitch. This one has happened on the pitch on 21 April in Switzerland in the Promotion League, the third tier of swiss football. FC La Chaux-de-Fonds was hosting a critical game against FC Zurich II. The team from Canton Neuchatel are fighting to stay in the Promotion League and desperately needed a victory.

At the very end of an epic game, the team driven by coach Christophe Caschili finally managed to score thanks to Arnaud Puemi, a minute before the end of 90 minutes. Euphoria in the stands, this goal means for La Chaux de Fonds to be just above the relegation bar.

Zurich literally just has the time to kick off before the final whistle. And that’s what they did. But not the way you think they would. One pass to Lavdrim Rexhepi, a huge shot, Alois Massari a bit too high in the box and... happened what happened.

For La Chaux-de-Fonds, the draw has something incredibly cruel and dramatic as they are now in the position to be relegated as their direct opponent, BSC Old Boys, having won their game in the meantime.

Promotion League table

“Football can sometimes be cruel. We had our best game of the season and yet we are now below the bar”, commented Caschili after the game. One who must be way beyond the skyline though is Rexhepi, who just scored the goal every player on earth dreamt to score once in his life…