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The game you might have missed: Khaan khuns Titem vs Khangarid

If you have missed the opportunity to watch the Mongolian Premier League game between Khaan khuns Titem and Khangarid on 4 May, you will have a second chance now, and we will help you by summarizing the action !

Khaan khuns Titem and Khangarid played a crazy game in the Mongolia Premier League on 4 May 2019

Fabrice Deschamps
From Amsterdam

The game

Both Khaan khuns Titem and Khangarid had a pretty bad start in the Mongolian Premier League, with no wins yet. Nothing dramatic either as only three match days were played, but this game was the chance to wake up. And the least we can say is that the start of the game was not exactly slow.

Khangarid striker Andrei Richenko put his team in front very early (0-1, 7’), but the answer of Chinsanaa J for Khaan khuns Titem was coming quickly as well (1-1, 16’). It was obvious then that the game would not slow down. And on a kick-and-rush action - goalkeeper clearance, header in the run of the striker -, Pavel Zakhorov put again Khangarid in front (1-2, 20’).

Khaan khuns Titem then pushed hard to come back, but Mohamed Khassaan’s shot was denied by B Ser-Od (32’), as well as the volley of G Baasandorj (41’). However, Khaan khuns Titem’s efforts eventually paid off, right before the break : following a corner kick, B. Amarjargal brought his team back at level (2-2, 44’).

Back from half time, the rhythm was still the same : an obvious foul in the box, a penalty, Andrei Zorin scored, Khaan khuns Titem was in front (3-2, 53’). Fasten your seat belt : a couple of minutes later, the same Zorin was close to score a vicious free-kick and in the same minute, B. Ochirzaya received a straight red-card, leaving Khangarid with 10 men on the pitch (55’).

Just the time to breath, Mohamed Khassaan scored the 4th one for Khaan khuns Titem (4-2, 60’), and it seemed like the game was over for Khangarid... Not really the idea of Andrei Richenko who started the come-back (4-3, 64’), and brought back his teammates in the game 20 minutes before the end (4-4, 70’).

Thank you guys, I think we had enough... No, really ? Gerelt scored on a corner kick to give the led back to Khangarid (4-5, 72’), which at that stage has scored 3 goals despite a red card...

Khaan khuns Titem and Khangarid finished 5-5 in their Mongolia Premier League game on 4 May 2019

This is probably when they should have parked the bus in front of the penalty area. Instead they kept on trying and on a counter attack Tokai Naoya finished up a wonderful team action (5-5, 79’).

The game was so crazy that Khangarid had a last serious chance of the game on another set piece (79’), but could not convert, and it was a logic draw in the end.

The goal

There is only 10 minutes to go, 9 goals have been scored already. But Khaan khuns Titem does not want to let the result go. They started a counter attack from their own penalty box, went on the right side, Baasandorj delivers a marvelous ball through, Baasansuren manages a great dummy and Tokai Naoya finishes the job with a perfect shot. Game over !

The outcome

There is still a long way to go in the Mongolian Premier League as only four match days have happened, but both teams still have not won a game... Hence this draw, even if at the end of an extraordinary game, cannot satisfy anyone. Khaan khuns is 9th with one point, in the relegation zone, while Khangarid is just above, due to a better goal difference.