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The game you might have missed: Uberaba vs Nacional de Muriae

If you have missed the opportunity to watch the Mineiro Championship II game between Uberaba Sport and Nacional de Muriae on 23 February, you will have a second chance now, and we will help you by summarizing the complete madness it’s been !

The fans of Uberaba during a League game

Fabrice Deschamps
From Amsterdam

The game

It rather started like a normal game for Uberaba Sport. Wallace opened the score after 12 minutes, but Vidal brought back his team in the game after 20 minutes. When Wallace struck again early in the second half, the locals thought they had done the hardest part. They were quite wrong...

It’s first Gleisson who, with a superb volley from the outside of the boot, managed to keep Nacional de Muriae at level, before Ronald, a quarter before the end of the game, sent a wonderful shot in the top corner. NAC was in front for the first time in this match...

Yet, it was not over. Felipe Caldeira converted a beautiful free-kick to make it 3-3, giving hopes to the hosts, but Wagner Junior who came in as a super-sub, scored a great header three minutes before the final whistle, giving the victory to the guests. What a match !

The goal

For a goal to be remarkable, in general you need it to fulfil number of criterias. In this case, the whole pressure of the team of Nacional on the Uberaba half was the first step to steal the ball in the middle of the park before reaching Ronald 30 meters from the sticks. The striker then managed a simple but efficient dummy to put himself in a shooting position. 25 meters away, the goal was not exactly done though... It took an extraordinarily powerful and perfectly targeted effort to end up in the back of the nets. The boy can almost add an ‘o’ to the end of this name now !

The words

The outcome

This painful loss is the very first defeat of Uberaba in the competition, who is now stuck to seven points. For Nacional de Muriae, who was beaten by CAP Uberlandia the week before, it is a good restart. Uberaba will play Athletic club next week-end while NAC will face Uberlandia Esporte.

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