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The game you might have missed: Nacional Muriae vs Athletic FC

If you have missed the opportunity to watch the Mineiro Championship II game between Nacional de Muriae and Athletic FC on 20 April, you will have a second chance now, and we will help you by summarizing the action !

Nacional Muriae against Athletic FC in Campeonato Mineiro II, 20 April 2019

Fabrice Deschamps
From Amsterdam

Pictures courtesy of Cláudio Cordeiro / Interligado On Line / Nacional

The game

It is now time for the semi-finals in the Campeonato Mineiro II, so last week-end was the last regular season’s games. Coimbra, Uberlandia and Betinense were already qualified, but the fourth spot was still in contention. Mainly, Nacional Muriae (17 points, 4th) could not really afford a bad result against Athletic, as CAP Uberlandia was right behind with 15 points.

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Despite this, Athletic FC were the first in action at the Soares de Azevedo stadium: on a fast counter attack, they scored the first goal early enough, thanks to Edson Jose de Souza (0-1, 18’).

Nacional then understood they needed to regain control but could not really create chances. On the other hand, Athletic was waiting for another opportunity to nail their opponents down on another counter. And they did. On a superb long ball of Bruno Gomes, Edson scored his second, practically identical to the first one (0-2, 32’).

Only two minutes later, Matheus Souza increased the score again (0-3, 34’). Barely 30 minutes gone and the game seemed already over. But Nacional kept on pushing, and got a penalty. Which Joao William scored (1-3, 40’).

But the nightmare was meant to be complete for Nacional : right before the referee blew his whistle, Athletic had a 40 meters free-kick, which Leonardo Moreira could only pushes away in... Matheus Souza’s feet who just scored in empty nets (1-4, 45’).

However, the game was far from being over... Four minutes into the second half, Elder Herminio David scored for Muriae with a brilliant header (2-4, 49’).

The locals were then on fire and if Gilson Fonseca managed a few miracles, he finally could not do anything on another beautiful header of Elder 10 minutes before the end of the game... (3-4, 80’).

Nacional Muriae against Athletic FC in Campeonato Mineiro II, 20 April 2019

It was still enough time for a come back, but Nacional added difficulty to their own challenge : Lucas Silva Sales got a red card in the last minutes of the game.

Athletic won but luckily for Nacional, this defeat did not have consequences, they qualified for the semi-finals of the Campeonato Mineiro II.

The goal

The third goal of Athletic is what you could call a perfect piece of individual skills. Matheus Souza got the ball about 25 meters from the goals, on the left side. With a nice dummy, he got rid of his defender who fell on his back, and from quite a distance, curled a marvelous shot which finished in the top right corner. A pure beauty.

The words

The outcome

Despite the defeat, Nacional Muriae qualified for the semi-finals of the Campeonato Mineiro II, finishing fourth of the regular season, with 17 points. CAP Uberlandia could have robbed this spot if they would have won their last game in Democrata, but lost 1-0. Nacional will now play Coimbre in the semi-finals, who finished first of the season with 25 points. Quite a challenge for Nacional...

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