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A Princess on the scoreboard

Yiwang Pindarica is a Princess of Bhutan but also the striker of Thimphu FC, a club participating to the Women’s Super League, the main women's tournament in Bhutan. A few days ago, she had the chance to score her first game in the League, a pleasure she enjoyed as any other football player.

Yiwang Pindarica at training with Thimphu FC

In usual cliches, little girls want to be princesses, and more rarely football players. Well, let’s just put these cliches on the side and listen to the story of Yiwang Pindarica, from Bhutan. Cousin of Bhutanese King Jigme Khesar Nam-gyel Wangchuck, she is Princess of the Kingdom.

But a very down to earth princess, who loves to play football as well. Owner of the Thimphu FC, she is also striker of the team competing in the UTH Women’s Super League. It might sound strange for a Princess to be that much into football, but in fact, Yiwang Pindarica had the same dream as every kid on earth.

“I am a huge fan of David Beckham and when I was in sixth grade I started to follow him and interest for football grew ever since. What I love about football and all other sports is that it teaches us more than just about the sport”, she told mycujoo.

And a few days ago, the dream got even better, as she scored her first goal in the League and was voted Player of the Match, against Temsung Bum’s FC. “Scoring for the club you play for is a huge accomplishment for any player and likewise I felt the same“, she said humbly about her goal. “And on top of it, thanks to mycujoo I was able to share the clip with my friends and family all over the world.”

But beyond the game itself, Yiwang Pindarica simply wants to “try to inspire more women to play”. That’s also the reason why she participates to the FIFA Female Leadership Development programme, which started back in 2015 during the last FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada.

“Women’s development in football in Bhutan is developing at a fast rate... This year the level has improved tremendously and the Women’s Super League also is going well. It is important for me being a woman to promote the sport and inspire the younger generation to pick up and play football“, she explains.

The Women’s Super League started in 2016, this year being the third edition. Eight teams participated to the championship - two more than last year-, held between 1 and 31 of July. The semi-finals second legs and final, happening in the next days, will define the champion 2018, and will be broadcasted on mycujoo.

Yiwang Pindarica celebrating a goal with her club Thimphu FC

With this will to develop women’s football in her country, Yiwang Pindarica knows that giving visibility is an important step to make. And as such, having the games broadcasted live is a big boost.

“It’s a next step in Women’s football development to have mycujoo streaming the matches. It not only shows that women are given equal opportunities, it goes beyond as it is about women’s right for the matches to be streamed. Women need equal platforms as men and with such tools, women's football will develop”, she concludes.