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Fresno FC - Sporting AZ FC : a pure moment of football

We picked up a great action at the Lamar Open Cup third round game between Fresno FC and Sporting AZ FC on 21 May, where Danny Barrera, Renato Bustamante and Andrew Weber were involved. Sit comfortably and have a look...

Fresno FC vs Sporting AZ FC, 21 May 2018

What’s great with football is that any event on the pitch can bring some emotions. It does not have to be a goal, it does not have to be a save, it can be many things. During the game between Fresno FC and Sporting AZ FC in the Lamar Open Cup, Renato Bustamante was shining.

The Peruvian born player scored a goal in extra time to send his team to the next round, his second in 2 games already. But before scoring, he also showed some of his skills in front of the goal. On this action, everything is beautifully executed : the original pass of Terran Campbell, the lovely flick at the edge of the box of Danny Barrera and the footwork of Bustamante in the area.

The smooth way Bustamante controls the ball, then resists the defender’s fair charge, and tricks the other defenders with his touch on the ball, all this without panicking, is particularly impressive.

But this is not over ! Once the ex Tampa Bay player finds the perfect position in the box, he then fires a strong shot which should have finished in the nets… If Andrew Weber was not between the posts !

The Arizona keeper, who played in the past for MLS’s sides such as San Jose Earthquake or DC United, pulled an incredible dive on his right side to deny the goal, and keep his team in the game. “I’ve been fortunate to train with top-notch goalkeeper coaches. They all made a huge impact on my professional career”, Weber once said to Sportingaz.com. Well, that save was an additional proof of it, if need be…

In the end only one team, Fresno FC, is going through to 4th round, but both showed a lot of guts and great football in this game. Let’s hope Bustamante and his mates are going to show more of these in the next rounds...