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The game you might have missed : Lautoka FC vs Henderson Eels

If you have missed the opportunity to watch the OFC Champions League game between Lautoka FC (Fiji) and Henderson Eels (Solomon Island) on 13 February, you will have a second chance now, and we will help you by summarizing the complete madness it’s been !

Players of Henderson Eels (Solomon Island) celebrating after scoring against Lautoka FC (Fiji) in OFC Champions League

Fabrice Deschamps
From Amsterdam

The game

From time to time, there are crazy games. That’s exactly what happened between Lautoka FC (Fiji) and Henderson Eels (Solomon Island) in the second Group B match at the OFC Champions League on 13 February. The Solomon Island team, who needed a win to stay alive, started off perfectly : Hudson Felani scored after 5 minutes. But Lautoka, at home, put a lot of pressure to come back and managed to do so thanks to Bang Kalo (1-1, 24’). However, Henderson Eels reacted quick and scored three goals in four minutes (29’, 30’, 33’, 1-4).

You think it is crazy? You are far, far from the truth... yet. At minute 42’, Lautoka gets a penalty which was saved by Desmond Tutu (not the South African Archbishop, the goalkeeper!) but Osea Vakatalesau (43’) and Samuela Drudru (45’+2) hit the targets before the break (3-4). Half-time, seven goals, pause. Quieter time back from the locker rooms, but when the clock hit the hour, back to madness : Drudru (54’, 4-4) got the hosts level and Kolinio Sivoki (65’, 5-4) put them in front for the first time. Yep, this time it seemed to be over. Mmmh, not really ! At 91’, supersub Clement Baegeni’s header gave Henderson Eels a draw (5-5), but madness was at its peak three minutes later when James Nawo gave them the win (5-6). IN-CRE-DI-BLE!!

Aerial battle during the game between Henderson Eels (Solomon Island) and Lautoka FC (Fiji) in OFC Champions League

The goal

Difficult to chose among the 11 goals of this game ! But we liked the one of James Nawo, the 4th one of Henderson Eels. Receiving the ball on the right side close to the goal line, he waited for support, faked a cross to finally take a strong shot at first post, totally misleading Lautoka’s goalie. Cheeky!

The words

"It’s a good comeback for us especially we lost in the first game and I am really happy about the win today. The advice in the dressing room was we have the last 45 minutes to decide on our fate in this competition that’s why the players worked hard until the end of the game, so I am very happy with the players."
Henderson Eels coach Eddie Marahare

"We needed to be well prepared defensively, that’s what we were talking about. Instead, we gave a lot of fouls, we were ill-discipline in defense, so that’s how we lose the game"
Lautoka FC coach Kamal Swamy

The outcome

Both teams have three points each after two games in Group B, hence their last game will be crucial to still have a hope to qualify for the quarter finals. Henderson Eels will take on FC Morobe Wawens, who collected zero points and 12 goals against, while Lautoka FC wil face Group leaders AS Central Sport and its on-fire striker Sylvain Graglia (5 goals already).

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