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The game you might have missed: Riozzese vs Napoli

If you have missed the opportunity to watch the Cup Final Serie C Femminile between Riozzese and Napoli Femminile on 11 May, you will have a second chance now, and we will help you by summarizing the action !

Riozzese won the Serie C Femminile Cup over Napoli on 11 May 2019

Fabrice Deschamps
From Amsterdam

All pictures courtesy of LND

The Game

The Serie C Femminile Cup final between Riozzese and Napoli proved to be an epic game at the Stadio Bozzi in Florence on 11 May. It all started with an extraordinary opening goal for Napoli, from the Estonian forward Lisette Tammik (0-1, 6’), setting the standards quite high. Riozzese came back quickly though, with Giulia Grumelli converting a penalty (1-1, 19’).

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The team of Cerro al Lambro then pushed hard and Benedetta Oleotti was not far from scoring on a backheel (35’). But Napoli was determined to win the trophy and took the lead again, thanks to Tammik, literally on fire (1-2, 36’).

However, Riozzese had no intention to give up and right before the break, Elisa Lecce (43’) and Biancamaria Codeca (46’) were close to even the score, but Ilaria Del Pizzo, the Southern team goalie, denied both attempts.

In the second half, Napoli seemed in control and could even have finished the job for good but Azzurra Massa found the wood (58’). But that is a classic in football : if you don’t kill the game when you have the chance, you’ll pay back.

And when, three minutes before the end, Eneli Kutter received a second yellow and went early for shower (87’), things suddenly looked blurry for Napoli… Riozzese pushed strong and, as one could have guessed, Elisa Galbiati managed to put the ball in the back of the nets at the very end of stoppage time (2-2, 95’).

The referee sent everybody to extra-time but it was too hard for the Napoli players, who practically had the Cup in hands a few seconds earlier. Exhausted, they made too many mistakes and logically, Valentina Pedretti converted a penalty to give the lead to Riozzese (3-2, 104’).

And it is finally Codeca who sealed the score, giving a definitive advantage to the Lombardy club (4-2, 110’). Very cruel for Napoli but this did not stop their opponents to celebrate loudly their win !

The goal

The finish of this goal does not really have something special. However, the work before deserves a mention. Following a throw-in, Lisette Tammik head the ball back to Azzurra Massa. The small forward, in the box, chests the ball and hit a fantastic cissor-kick volley. And Tammik, on the way, deflects the shot into the goals or Riozzese. If the Estonian would not have been on the way, it could have been a potential Puskas contender OR the goalkeeper might have denied it... Truth is, that's how Napoli opened the score and that's all that mattered back then !

The words

"It’s been a tight and hard-fought game between two teams which never gave up until the very end. This first Italian Cup of the new Serie C has embellished an important season of women's football of the National Amateur League. It proved to be a good competition, with interesting schemes at this level."
Sandro Morgana, LND Vice-President

The outcome

It is no less than a first Cup for Riozzese who, so farm had only won the Serie A2 title, back in 2007. The club of Lombardy is also still in contention for a promotion to Serie B, which they will play against he Milan Ladies on 18 May.

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