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Leandro, a Portugal tour by bicycle

On 6 May, Leandro Souza produced a Cristiano Ronaldo style bicycle kick for his club U. Leiria. Check out this marvel and get to know about the Brazilian striker.

Leandro Souza, Ud Leiria

If anyone ever doubts the inspiration factor in football, they should watch this goal. In Portugal, during the promotion quarter final first leg between União de Leiria and Lusitano Vildemoinhos on 6 May, Leandro Souza produced a Cristiano Ronaldo style bicycle kick, no more no less, just a few weeks after the Portuguese star shone against Juventus.

With this goal, the Brazilian striker gave his team the lead (2-1) in the 50th minute, in a crucial encounter for promotion to II Liga (second tier). Ultimately a 3-1 victory, A União de Leiria is in a very strong position in advance of the second leg.

Leandro, born in Recife, came to Portugal 11 years ago, playing for different clubs in the lower levels but also Moreirense in the Primeira Liga in 2014/2015. Now aged 30, the forward has probably had his best season ever, despite the fact he arrived in Leiria only last year : with 15 goals, he finished top scorer of the Serie C of Campeonato de Portugal, contributing a lot to his club’s first placed finish.

“I am going through the best moment of my career, but it is only possible thanks to my teammates. Coach Rui Amorim knew me from before in Boavista and he helped with my integration a lot. We have a very strong squad with quality players”, the player said to Mais Futebol.

A big fan of Ronaldo - the Brazilian one - Leandro still hopes to go back to the top flight league one day, but for now he is focussed on helping UD Leiria get promoted. “It is an objective for me to play at the top level, yes, but right now I am concentrating on UD Leiria, to send this historical club back where it deserves to be. We always considered we were favourites to go up and we want to succeed”.

For U. Leiria, the wait has been very long, with the last time they were in the top league being 2011 / 2012. But the Brazilian striker, who knows Portugal pretty well now having played in no less than 10 clubs in the country, believes there is a huge expectation in the region : “If you look at the map, the center of the country is a desert in terms of football. I am totally convinced that if U. Leiria would go back up, there would be a huge popular interest from all the central area”. Well Leandro, it is just a matter of scoring a few more bicycle kicks !