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A royal jersey for the Queens

Queen City United Soccer Club, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, is only the second club to join the United Women Soccer league. The results so far might have been a bit disappointing but the Canadian team has faith, and a beautiful asset : its jersey !

Queen City United Soccer Club posing with their kit

Fabrice Deschamps
From Amsterdam

First are not always easy, you might learn the hard way. For the Queen City United Soccer Club, the 2019 UWS season will be one to remember, and learn, for sure. The club from Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada, was accepted as the latest franchise to join United Women Soccer back in January. "I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities and experiences that our participation in UWS will provide for players," Queen City United director of club operations Hugh Dooley then said.

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Queen City is only the second canadian club to join the UWS, after Calgary Foothills Women’s FC, and since the beginning of the season in May, the results have been very rough for them in the West conference : six matches, six losses, 17 goals against, only 1 goal scored...

Certainly not enough, though, to discourage this relatively new team. After the first game against Calgary, a heavy 5-0 defeat, Dooley prefered to see the positive aspects : "We had a healthy size crowd for our first match. I believe the level of play presented will only help to increase crowd size moving forward. Logistically, I felt good with how the day went, and it also provided us with information to improve on."

Forest Green and Black

Established in 1987, the club was a joint venture between the Regina Spurs and the Regina Steelers. At the moment there are about 400 players in the club, boys and girls, starting from three-years-old. For its 32nd anniversary, it is now the oldest active youth club within the city of Regina.

Whatever the results might be so far, one sure thing is that the Queen City United Soccer Club kit might well be one of the most exciting in the UWS this year ! The colours come from the two clubs at the origins : the Kelly Green of the Spurs were used for the jerseys and the Black of the Steelers became the accent colour. Nowadays the club went for Forest Green and black, in a slightly different way than the originals, but still referring to the past clubs.

'Commitment to Compete, Attitude to Achieve and Passion to Play' is the club mantra. To which we would happily add 'cherish the shirt' !

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