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“Otto-play on mycujoo: Pfister knows best”

Otto Pfister, the famous German coach who worked in many countries in Africa and Asia in particular, will regularly analyse games from different leagues on mycujoo, noting the good and the bad in the teams' performances from a tactical standpoint. For his second analysis, Pfister decodes the match between Black Rhinos and Triangle United from the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League in Zimbabwe.

Otto Pfister knows best

The coach

Otto Pfister is a German coach who spent the substantial proportion of his career abroad. Voted Africa's Manager of the Year in 1992, Pfister has coached Burkina Faso, Zaire, Cameroon, Ghana - with whom he won the 1991 U-17 FIFA World Cup, and took the senior team to the African Cup of Nations final - and Togo, who he lead to the 2006 FIFA World Cup. He was also a coach in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, Tunisia, and was most recently coach of the Afghanistan national team.

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The game

Black Rhinos 3-1 Triangle United - 29/09/2018
Castle Lager Premier Soccer League, Zimbabwe

The analysis

"In the first 12 minutes I did not have the feeling the game would finish 3-1 for the Black Rhinos because Triangle completely dominated the game. At minute 11, Triangle could even have taken the lead following a long passing movement and a nice cross from the left. However, the first corner for Black Rhinos, a few minutes later, completely changed the game: it’s been a total black-out of the Triangle defense. The corner kick was taken on the right side and shot in the box. There was no individual marking and no anticipation from the goalkeeper. 1-0 for the Rhinos and from this moment, they controlled the game 100%.

They did not leave any space any more to their opponent. On the other hand, it feels like the Triangle team was completely down. Logically, they scored the second goal at the 27 minutes, again following a corner kick. The defense was a total flop, there was no marking again and it ended up with a crushing shot from 20 meters. At minute 35, Triangle had a good chance with a beautiful header but it was denied thanks to a great save from Rhino’s goalkeeper.

And then the game was practically over right before half time. Following a throw-in on the left side, a first header and then the striker who was between two defenders could head the ball into the nets. The defense was again sleepy on this action.

In the second half, the Black Rhinos played mainly to keep their 3-0 lead. The coach changed the tactics, playing with only one striker and a compact midfield. The team was very solid and showed resolution in defense. Triangle had no chance to come back because they lacked creativity, only trying with long balls. Even if they scored a goal towards the end, it was only cosmetic.

However, one player of Triangle impressed me. The left midfield, Hillary Bakacheza, made a very good impression. If he would play for a stronger team, he could become a great player. He is very efficient at “tempo dribbling” in the midfield. It means he can run the ball forward and if his colleagues would understand his movements, he could create a numeric advantage. He had two or three good actions, but he was too much alone."

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