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A week of football (7-13 June)

Check out the best football actions of the week from 7 to 13 June 2018 on mycujoo selected for you !

Bela Fejer Csongor, goalkeeper of Karpatalya

Great goals

The art of shooting free-kicks is quite a specific one. And it looks like Fabricio from CSA in Brazil, despite his young age, already has a certain control of it. In the Campeonato Alagoano Sub-17, against Agrimaq, he curved a perfect shot on the front post, scoring the second goal of his brace during this game.

In a completely different style, we could not ignore this perfect counter attack from Grupo Desportivo de Joane in the AF Braga final of the Cup. Look at the pass and how Zezé smartly plays with the middle line to avoid the offside… A goal which, on top of it, practically won the Cup to his team. Superb !

Great saves

Ok, saving a penalty is never easy. Saving a penalty in a shootout is even more complicated. But what about saving it in a World Cup final to make your team win the trophy ?? Well, ask Bela Fejer Csongor, the goalkeeper of Karpatalya, as that’s exactly what he did against Northern Cyprus at the CONIFA World Football Cup… (photo above: Con Chronis/CONIFA)

Adda Djeziri certainly believed he had scored the best free-kick of his career for Luangprabang United against Savan United in the Lao Premier League. But that was not counting on the Savan United number 1 who managed an incredible dive on his right side. Too bad M.Djeziri !


It is quite probable Lito, the player of Maringá Futebol Clube in Brasileiro Série D, never scored a more beautiful goal than the one against Caxias. Little problem, his fantastic diving header finished in the wrong net…

Ahhh, the communication between a goalkeeper and his defenders… That’s something quite fundamental, which apparently still requires some work at Club Green Streets in the Maldives. With this action, the defender is clearly hoping for his goalie to come and clear the ball while the latter actually counts on his defender! Well, the Club Valencia striker did not wait for them to make a decision, he did it himself…


Crowds can be passionate everywhere. But when there is a trophy in question, it is much more impressive. And if your team equalised at the very last minute of injury time, then it becomes pure madness. At the Taça AF Setúbal final, that’s the scenario which happened to Futebol Clube Barreirense.

Even better, they won the game in extra time thanks to this other goal but strangely enough, the crowd seemed even less excited that for the previous goal! Too much energy expended maybe?

But in terms of celebrations this week, we have to give the artistic best note to the striker of JASA in UPSL. Against Napa Sporting he scored a pretty nice goal and showed some other skills to celebrate : a wonderful somersault and a perfect reception : it’s a 10!