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Vote for the Beach Soccer Goal of the Year!

You can vote for the Beach Soccer Goal of the year and mycujoo is happy to help you make your choice! Out of the 10 magnificent goals selected by Beach Soccer Worldwide, six were shown on mycujoo. Take a look!

Beach Soccer Goal of the Year

Photo courtesy of beach soccer worldwide

Ahh it is this time of the year... Winter is approaching, and with it, its long list of awards, rewards, prizes, trophies, name them as you wish! And among these, you now can vote for the Beach Soccer goal of the Year 2018. Lucky you, you have probably seen most of the 10 nominees on mycujoo so you should have a very fair idea of which one is your favourite!

You can vote here for the one you believe is the best of the season, and watch the 10 nominees here :

But to give you just a little snapshot of the 10 beauties which were selected by Beach Soccer Worldwide, let us describe three examples of very different goals for you... You might have liked this superb, long volley from the French player Brian Maison, straight in the top corner of the Belarus goalkeeper's net. With this goal, the French defender brought his team back on the scoreboard (2-2), though not enough to ensure a win (3-2 for Belarus in the end).

Or maybe you liked a classic Beach Soccer style goal from Swiss player Glenn Hodel more, who managed the perfect bicycle kick against Azerbaijan in Moscow, giving his nation the lead (2-1), and opening the door to a convincing victory (6-2). Despite all the qualities his illustrious 'almost' English homonyn had, we are not entirely sure he would have been able to whack such an overhead kick!

But you also have the option to vote for the wonderful and pure strike of Russian Anna Cherniakova against Spain in Nazare, Portugal. Not only is the strike pure, powerful and clinical, but this goal was incredibly important: the Russian team opened the scoring in the final of the Euro Beach Soccer Cup, and kept the lead to land the European crown...

There are seven more goals you can pick up and vote for here, but if you want to have a bicycle ride before doing so, lay on your sofa and watch this pure pleasure selection done by mycujoo over the summer: