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The game you might have missed: Kolding IF vs Skive IK

If you have missed the opportunity to watch the Denmark 2nd Division game between Skive IK (1st) and Kolding IF (2nd) on 29 March, you will have a second chance now, and we will give you all the details you need !

It's been a crazy game between Kolding IF and Skive IK in Denmark 2nd Division on 29 March 2019

Fabrice Deschamps
From Amsterdam

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The game

When the leader plays its second away, at any level, in general you can expect a lot of events during that game. Still, in Denmark 2nd Division on 29 March, it would have been difficult to predict the scenario of the game between Skive IK (1st) and Kolding IF (2nd).

Skive was certainly on an impressive serie with 9 wins on their last 10 games but still what a start... Malthe Dahl Overgaard scored a first goal for Skive IK very early (0-1, 11’), Mikkel Jespersen doubling the score (0-2, 25’), before Mads Shaffer Bak put a third one in the back of the nets (0-3, 33’). And the first half nightmare was not over for Kolding as Mikkel Jespersen scored another one before the break (0-4, 43’).

We can only imagine the speech of Anders Jensen in the locker room must have been a little loud, in any case it proved efficient : Rune Nautrup scored for Kolding IF quickly in the second half (1-4, 49’) and Kolding IF finally pushed. However, Skive goalkeeper Marcus Bojberg (51’), or the post (53’) denied the team from the South. Until a penalty was awarded for a hand ball, converted by Rune Nautrup (2-4, 56’).

The Autocentralen Park was then on fire, but Skive IK managed to retake control of the game. And super-sub Sebastian Denius hit the nets for what seemed to be the last real action of that crazy game (2-5, 81’).

But it was not completely over, and the tension of the game finally kicked, with Simon Smidt of Kolding IF getting a red card a few minutes before the end. But Anders Jensen’s boys finished on a better note, Denis Fazlagic beautiful goal in stoppage time (3-5, 94’). Uff, time for a shower!

The goal

It's stoppage time and there is not much to hope anymore for Kolding IF, Skive IK being 5-2 up. However, why not finishing on a great move ? That’s probably what Denis Fazlagic was thinking when he received the ball at the edge of the area. Back to the goal, his beautiful first touch put the Croat midfielder in a good position to shoot. But then, his composure to simply place the ball in the bottom corner, without a lot of power but a lot of precision, is impressive. Slick !

The words

"We came back for the second half without enough energy. When you do it against a really good team like Kolding, you are punished. They scored two quick goals, and then the match was open again. So we’ve been a little shaky in the second half, but we got hold of the situation and all in all, we played a really top game. But our beautiful first half was clearly overshadowed by the three goals conceded in the second half."
Mikkel Jespersen, striker for Skive IK and double scorer in the game

Skive IK finally won 5-3 against Kolding IF in Denmark 2nd Division on 29 March 2019

The outcome

Before the game Kolding IF was only one point behind Skive IK, they are now four points away. Moreover, Bradbrand is blowing in their neck, only one point behind. With two more games to go before the promotion playoffs, nothing will change radically for both teams, but clearly the confidence is on Skive side.

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