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The game you might have missed : Erchim vs Athletic 220 FC

If you have missed the opportunity to watch the Mongolia Super Cup game between Erchim (Champion) and Athletic 220 FC (Cup winner) on 7 April, you will have a second chance now, and we will give you all the details you need !

Erchim won the Mongolian Super Cup for the 7th time, beating Athletic 220 FC 4-2

Fabrice Deschamps
From Amsterdam

The game

The season is about to start in Mongolia (13 April) but as an appetizer, the Super Cup offered a very decent show between Erchim, the champions and Athletic 220 FC, the Cup winners. Erchim was first in action, dominating the first quarter, creating a few chances. They logically opened the score with a wonderful volley from Kh. Narateo following a corner kick (1-0, 17’).

The champions then pushed to increase their advantage but were denied by Athletic goalkeeper who was on fire. And as usual in such situations, if you don’t convert your chances, you might be in trouble. Indeed, the underdogs scored right before half time, to even the score and restore hopes thanks to Nyam-Osor Naranbold (1-1, 43’)

However, after the break Erchim put the second gear and unlocked the scoreboard just before the hour (2-1, 59’). They were then in control, Athletic resistance cracked up and the Japanese forward Tatsuya Nishio scored a brace within 2 minutes to put his team out of reach (4-1, 72’).

To Purevsukh Mönkhbat’s men credit, they fought until the very end and their efforts paid off with the last goal of the game, a beautiful header from Baatar Ölzii-Od (4-2, 86’). Too late to believe in an improbable come back though and with this victory, Erchim won the Super Cup for the 7th time since its creation in 2011.

The (almost) goal

For once, it is not about a goal but what could have been a goal for Athletic 220 FC. And quite an incredible one. The whole action was amazing. It starts with a simple but wonderful dummy from the midfielder to get rid of his defender, then a long ball chested by the striker, back to the goal, followed by a perfect overhead kick, ready to finish in the back of the nets. But, that was without counting on the incredible dive from Erchim’s goalkeeper. Breathtaking, literally.

The words

The outcome

No less than a 7th Super Cup for Erchim since its creation back in 2011, which is "only" one of the many trophies in the Mongolian giant's trophy cabinet. The club from Ulaanbaatar won the Mongolian Premier League 10 times since its first edition in 1996, and the Mongolia Cup 8 times. Just that !