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Maths, fog, lovely header and heavy celebrations

If football is about goals, saves or winning trophies, it is also about fun, passionate fans, silly mistakes and awkward moments. At mycujoo, we love these as much as a bicycle kick or a long shot ending up in the top corner. This time, let's go to USA, Brazil, American Samoa and Bhutan !

Bloopers alert

In the States, it is quite common for soccer teams to use American Football pitches to play their game. Pitches on which you have lines with the number of yards yet to run to reach the touchdown line. And this sometimes can create a bit of confusion for the commentators… At least to the commentator of this game between New Orleans Jesters and Inter Nashville FC in the NPSL ! But it does not matter that much as the final “goooooooooaaaaaallllll!!!!!!’ was absolutely brilliant !


Ahhh Brazil, its blue sky, lovely beaches, sun all year long, heavy heat…. Mmmh well, not necessarily everywhere apparently ! In Caxias do Sul near Porto Alegre in the Centre of Brazil, sometimes it looks rather like Northern England in the middle of winter. Not enough though to stop a Serie D game to take place. Which gave the opportunity to the commentator of Caxias versus Uberlandia to exercise himself to radio commentaries. Pity though, we will never know how beautiful was that goal !


In knockout stages, scoring a goal can be really important. Pago Youth was 1-0 down against Veitongo FC in OFC Champions League qualifiers earlier this year, when they scored this pretty strange goal. Which brought the scorer a lot of happiness, and his teammates had a rather “enthusiastic” way of showing him their joy as well… Which we liked a lot !


When an own goal is scored, you always are between feeling bad for the poor defender and having a smile on your face. In this game in the Pepsi Thimphu League in Bhutan between High Quality United FC and Druk United FC, this one was a classic: a cross from the left side, the HQUFC defender bows down to try and head the ball out and… manages a fantastic crossed header which does not leave any chance to his goalkeeper. No big damage though, as High Quality still won the game 4-3 !

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