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A week of football (7-13 July)

Enjoy our week of football with goals AC Nagano Parceiro Ladies in Japan, the New Orleans Jesters in the USA, saves from Brazil and Euro Beach Soccer Cup and difficult moments for goalkeepers in Bhutan and the States.

A week of football

Great goals

Pretty much every Sunday player has dreamt of scoring a goal like this one: in the corner of the penalty box, a curved shot finishing right in the opposite top corner of the net, leaving the goalkeeper with no chance. That’s exactly what did Miki Ito for INAC Kobe Leonessa against AC Nagano Parceiro Ladies in the Plenus Nadeshiko League Cup Division 1.

And how many times have we dreamt of scoring a brace in a game? Oliver Roberts of New Orleans Jesters not only did it in the NPSL against Georgia Revolution, but his two goals are exquisite. The first one results from a nice slalom and a strong front post shot, but the second one is even more impressive: he hit the ball from a good 25 meters distance and reached the top corner, a pure marvel!

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Great saves

Quite often, a good save happens when the goalkeeper can remain composed in front of the striker. On this one-on-one between the forward of 7 de Setembro and the goalie of Moreninhas in the Sul-Mato-Grossense Sub-19, it is all about that. Lorençon stays on his feet as long as feasible and finally stops the shot superbly.

But goalkeeping is also about flexibility. On this English combination at the Euro Beach Soccer Cup, the shot is almost perfect. But displaying an extreme flexibility the Spanish number 1 manages to punch the ball out of her goal beautifully. Who said women’s goalkeeping was not at the highest level?

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In modern football, if you are not relatively tall, it can become a little difficult in some situations. In the UTH Women’s Super League in Bhutan, the last woman of Tensung Bum’s FC would have clearly needed 20 centimeters more to stop that goal of Mandala FC.

But it is not all about size. It is also about quickness in reaction. Riko Sagara of Lansing United probably did not think she would score when she hit her free-kick. Fortunately for her, the Michigan Legends goalkeeper showed a little bit of slowness to get on the ground and… let the ball go in!

But the “sorry feeling” of the week definitely goes to the keeper of Mandala FC. Against BFF academy FC, this shot of Karma Zangmo seems to be ready to land straight into the gloves of Tshewang Choden. And look what happened. Oh my…

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