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A week of football (23-29 June)

Check out our week of football with goals from Nakhonpathom United in Thailand, action from Portugal, and the United States and crazy moments from a player of Phitsanulok FC in Thailand again and another one from Phuensum in Bhutan.

A week of football

Great goals

Very different types of games, very different types of goals. In the T4 Football in Thailand, Nakhonpathom United was playing Samutsongkhram FC this week. The game stayed tight until the very end. But the striker Pongsathon woke up 9 minutes before the end, with this great acrobatic volley to make his side's lead more comfortable. And as he apparently likes finishing well, he scored a second in the very last minute!

In Portugal, it is summer and time for the youngsters to show their skills in the Torneio Lopes da Silva. On this beautiful counter attack, the forward of AF Angra do Heroismo went for the perfect chip against the goalkeeper of AF Setubal who had absolutely zero chance to stop it.

And in the States in the United Women’s Soccer, we saw something different again: Tori Baliatico of New Jersey Copa FC had an incredible run, overtaking the whole defense of Long Island Rough Riders before nailing a shot right under the crossbar, ufff…

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Great saves

Goalkeeper saves are not always about the quality of their hand game. In this match between Phuensum FC and High Quality United FC in the Pepsi Thimphu League in Bhutan, what’s impressive is the quality of the tackle of Thinley Penjor, winning his one on one in a great way.

However, on many occasions goalies also have the responsibility to save situations created by their defenders. In this case, Blake Hammert of Electric City Shock was let down by his men against FC Monmouth in NPSL and had to deal with a nice curved shot, which he pushed back perfectly…

Same player, same issue a few days later: this time the back pass of the defender put Blake Hammert in a very difficult position, facing FC Motown's striker. And he used another crucial skill for a keeper: the promptitude.

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In national cups, if you are from a lower tier, you tend to try and show your skills off a bit. That’s probably what this player from Phitsanulok FC was thinking when starting his move during the Thai FA Cup first round. It just did not really go the way he hoped! And if you have a close look, you will see it even made the defender of TRAT Football Club laugh…

Sometimes it happens that you cannot stand it any more. So you give up. In Bhutan, Phuensum is having a hard time: three points in 12 games, bottom of the league. When they played High Quality United this week, they knew they would probably suffer. And apparently, for the central defender, it was too much too take. On this goal, have a look at his attitude when the ball goes over his head. The poor boy just dropped off…