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Bike riders, great moustache, crazy commentary and bottom goal

If football is about goals, saves or winning trophies, it is also about fun, passionate fans, silly mistakes and awkward moments. At mycujoo, we love these as much as a bicycle kick or a long shot ending up in the top corner. Look at the selection we have done.

Bloopers alert

You might think this free kick is great, and worth a good look. Well, not for this bike rider, who certainly not have stopped his ride to watch the action !

Some fans show an incredible sense of creativity. At the CONIFA World Football Cup, these guys from Northern Cyprus have impressed us. Ok, they might need to work a little bit on the music, but the outfits and the looks are absolutely fantastic.

In football matches, sometimes the show is also in the commentary boxes. In this game in the UPSL, in the States, we loved the tone of surprise in this “Ohhhh My !!!” coming out of the guy at the mic, following a lovely header goal.

There are several types of goals, from beautiful volleys to long strikes, collective efforts or lucky ones. You can score with the header, knees, thighs, even chests but more rarely you use your bottom…

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