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And the World Cup is back… on MyCujoo

Barely nine months have gone since France won the FIFA World Cup 2018 and yet, the qualifiers for next edition in Qatar are starting. The round 1 will see 12 teams confronted in six two-legged ties, as of 6 of June. Most of these games will be live streamed on MyCujoo.

Malaysia will hope to beat Timor-Leste in the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifiers round 1

Among the six games, Laos - Bangladesh might be one of the most unpredictable : Bangladesh is currently 188th in the FIFA ranking while Laos is 184th. "Our initial goal is to reach the next qualifying stage. I think we have a good chance to get good results against them. We know they can make things hard for us, so we must be 110 per cent focused and prepared for this game", said Jamal Bhuyan, the Bangladeshi captain, to FIFA.com.

On the other hand, the draw seemed to have been pretty ok for Malaysia (168) who is 27 places ahead of Timor-Leste in the FIFA ranking. However, on two legs, you should always be cautious. But Zaquan Adha Radzak, the Malaysian captain, is confident, in particular at home, where, for instance, over 80 000 fans were in Bukit Jalil National Stadium during the AFF Championship...!

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"It is important for us to wisely use the advantage of playing at our home ground. But we can't underestimate our rivals. I have played many matches against Timor-Leste throughout my career. We can't take things for granted because in football anything can happen", he reminded on the FIFA website.

Exotic encounter

Guam - Bhutan might sound like the most exotic encounter, and for sure one where making a prediction is not easy. Guam had managed four years ago an extraordinary qualifying campaign, beating Turkmenistan for their first ever World Cup campaign win, before shocking India. So this time, expectations might be higher than ever.

"It’s about building on those last qualifiers, but Asia has developed very quickly in a short space of time. Asia has realised there is a lot of potential if they can put it all together and teams are training at a lot higher level now", told Karl Dodd, the Australian coach of the team.

The game between Mongolia and Brunei Darussalam is one between two teams with a decently long history in the World Cup qualifiers: both have played 14 games already, but both have also won only one out of these 14... "We enter qualifying well-prepared," told Michael Weiss, the Mongolia coach, to FIFA. "We have travelled to China, Japan, South Korea for training camps or friendlies and by doing so, the players have gained necessary international exposure and experience. Of course, we can't get too carried away."

Lao will play Bangladesh in the FIFA World Cup 2022 round 1 qualifiers in Asia

Cambodia will be one of the attractions of the round, with Japan superstar Keisuke Honda taking the coach position for this campaign. They should have a good chance against Pakistan and their terrible record : 30 games played in World Cup qualifiers, zero win...

Macau will hope to reach the round 2 for the first time of their history and their form shown at the recent EAFF championship might be a good sign. But Sri Lanka is also ambitious, following a very decent performance at the SAFF championship.

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