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Double beach soccer battle in Sardinia

From 6 to 9 September, the Beach Soccer European title will be played in Sardinia between the best teams on the continent. At the same time, eight other teams will fight to have the right to play in the top flight division next season. Huge stakes and great teams, all you need for a great competition on mycujoo!

Switzerland - Ukraine at Euro Beach Soccer League Baku 2018

Photo courtesy of beach soccer worldwide - Lea Weil

Summer is not yet over, in particular in the Beach Soccer world... In Sardinia this weekend, this will be the last stage of the Euro Beach Soccer League 2018. At stake, two major objectives in two separate tournaments: the continental trophy and the promotion to Division A for next year.

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Sixteen teams will spend three days (6 - 9 September) on the beaches of Alghero, divided in two divisions. In Division A, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland (Group 1), Belarus, Italy, Russia and Ukraine (Group 2) will play for the european title. Spain is unbeaten so far this season in Euro League competition, but Russia, holder of the title, is very solid too.

But Italy, at home, certainly does not have any intention to let the trophy leave its soil so easily. "We aim for the title but it will not be easy. We are aware of our strength and I am sure that the boys will come onto the field with confidence. We want to impress our fans with committing way beyond the game itself : we will put our heart and soul”, confirmed Emiliano del Duca, the Italian national team coach. The final will be played between the winners of each group on Sunday.

In Division B, Germany, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Moldova (Group 1), Bulgaria, England, Norway and Romania (Group 2) will fight for the right to be promoted to Division A next year. Both Kazakhstan and England can be considered as favourites as they were unbeaten this season. But everybody has a chance. Dumitru Bondarenco, Moldovan player, explains his motivation: "We have been hoping for this for a long time, I've been waiting for this chance, I'm ready. I hope this will be a good tournament for us and that we will get a big result".

For the Germans, it is about staying in Division A, a big objective after their disappointing performance at home in Warnemunde in August. "We want to stay in Division A and we have to do everything for that. In Division B, England and Hungary are the leading teams. They are about the same level. We have to beat them", considers the German coach, Matteo Marrucci.

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