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Coritiba’s come back stunned Vasco da Gama in U-20 Brasileiro

U-20 Brasileiro entered its second phase, with eight teams competing for the semi finals. The first game saw Coritiba coming back from 0-2 at half time to beat Vasco da Gama 3-2, with a few amazing goals. A promise for an exciting phase...

Coritiba U-20 beat Vasco da Gama U-20 in Brasileiro sub-20

The U-20 Brasileiro has reached its second phase early August. Eight teams divided in 2 groups remained after the first phase where 20 teams were competing in four groups. The first two teams of each of this group qualified for the second phase. Out of these two groups, the top two teams of each will qualify for the semi-finals.

So far, Palmeiras (Group E), Coritiba and Flamengo (Group F) have started best the second phase. The first game of the second phase in Group F between Coritiba and Vasco da Gama was particularly epic. O Gigante da Colina started the game in the best possible way with an early goal of Hugo Borges (19’), before Dudu struck this amazing shot from 30 meters, five minutes before half-time.

With a 2-0 lead at the break, it sounded pretty safe for Vasco. But Coritiba came back on the pitch with quite a different attitude. On a corner-kick, Anderson reduced the gap at the 51’, and then around the hour, Igor Paixao concluded a lovely team effort with a perfectly placed volley (62’).

Pressure went on for Vasco, as Coxa suddenly could smell the victory around the corner. And it’s finally Talysson Lalau who scored the winner for Coritiba on a perfectly well driven counter-attack.

With this win, Coritiba starts the second phase the best way possible, and is on a three wins streak. Coritiba will play Flamengo, the other leader in Group F after their win in the Fla-Flu derby (2-3), for the next game, on 15 August. That same day, Vasco da Gama will play Fluminense in a crucial game for the two teams to stay in the race.

Latest results :

Fluminense U20 2-3 Flamengo U20, Wednesday 8 August
Coritiba U20 3-2 Vasco da Gama U20, Wednesday 8 August

Next games :

Vasco da Gama U20 vs Fluminense U20, Wednesday 15 August
Flamengo U20 vs Coritiba U20, Wednesday 15 August

Photo courtesy of https://www.coritiba.com.br/