Our name’s changing, but not our mission. MyCujoo will become ELEVEN Sports in the coming months, with a new look and logo. You’ll still enjoy the same superb live streaming experiences, and we’ll let you know our exciting plans soon.

What we believe in

Our manifesto valuing your world of football

Who are you?

You are the people that have made and are making football the greatest sport in the world. The people who love the sport, the world of football, and demonstrate it in diverse ways - watching at home or at the stadium, training on Tuesday evenings in the rain, coaching kids all year round out of dedication. The football world is too often reduced to the 0.01% that make it to the top. We think we can change that. We think technology and innovation will change that. Football is much more than its elite, and we think there is space for the 99.99% to shine.

We think your football is great

We think that your contribution to the beauty and the success of football should be acknowledged. Because you make the sport great, far reaching and prevalent in so many people’s lives, exceptional talent is allowed to grow and reach new boundaries. We also think you should be given back your proper value to the sport, that everyone should be given a possibility to showcase him or herself - clubs, players and coaches, leagues and federations. If you play football, we think you deserve your own showcase. This is why we at MyCujoo are working to give you access to the best possible conditions to put yourself on the biggest stage, while keeping the access costs as low as possible for you.

We are a universal service to football

We are a universal service to football. And we mean that quite literally. We serve a free opportunity to stream football matches regardless of where and how you play. With MyCujoo, football fans can find a diversified offer of football games, giving them more choice, more freedom, more possibilities!

We are you

Our DNA is football. We love big time clubs, our national teams, our own local teams, the games we play among friends, we think we know all about the game and we would all do much better than our respective national teams’ coaches. We sometimes look back and wonder how we can spend that much time with such a simple game.

We are a family business

MyCujoo was created by twin brothers in 2014, Pedro and Joao, and has been run as a family business ever since. Passionate about football and ambitious, their intention in creating MyCujoo was driven by their feeling that the so-called “lower level football”, while it can never rival with the elite in terms of its sheer quality, can offer just as much in terms of emotions and narratives. People love football because it is a simple game that, through the uncertainty of the result, and the human ability to transcend, generates the most beautiful emotions.

What we gain from doing this

We are a commercial enterprise and as such, we are looking to generate revenues from our activity. But we want to do that by believing in the development of the game in undervalued territories, by participating in this development ourselves and by ensuring a shared revenue model with clubs, competitions and federations. Our interest lies in new football territories developing their value and finding their own success - we only gain when football gains!

We think highly of ourselves

Yes, we think our little company has the potential to be the single biggest football platform in the world in a near future, and it is what we work for.

We are an organisation with people in it

Our company has purposes - and one of them is to give work to talented people. We are developing a skilled, international and engaged team; we provide opportunities for professional fulfillment while working in a caring environment with an emotionally engaged purpose.

We believe in authenticity

We want our stakeholders to trust us: viewers, employees, investors, partners, media and anyone else who might take an interest in what we do. So we have to be open and transparent with you and we can promise you to be just that. We want to provide our audiences with insightful and compelling content around the world of football, but we also want them to understand that we have to work with, and for our partners and investors.